Canadian Dairy Commission
Symbol of the Government of Canada


The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC), a federal Crown corporation, plays a central facilitating role for the multi-billion dollar Canadian dairy industry.

Created through the Canadian Dairy Commission Act of 1966, the CDC reports to Parliament through the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. Funded by the federal government, producers and the marketplace, the CDC strives to balance and serve the interests of all dairy stakeholders - producers, processors, further processors, exporters, consumers and governments.

Under the Canadian Dairy Commission Act, the CDC's legislated objectives are:

  • to provide efficient producers of milk and cream with the opportunity to obtain a fair return for their labour and investment; and
  • to provide consumers of dairy products with a continuous and adequate supply of dairy products of high quality.

The CDC works closely with industry stakeholders represented by organizations such as the Dairy Farmers of Canada, the Consumers Association of Canada, Dairy Processors Association of Canada and provincial milk marketing boards and agencies.

The CDC also works in co-operation with processors and further processors represented by the Food and Consumer Products of Canada, the Baking Association of Canada, and the Confectionery Manufacturers Association of Canada.