Canadian Dairy Commission
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Proactive Disclosure

On December 12, 2003, the government introduced several measures to strengthen transparency, accountability and managment across the public sector. Among these, was the introduction of a proactive disclosure policy that requires the mandatory quarterly publication of travel and hospitality expenses of high-ranking officers within the public service. In keeping with the spirit of this policy, the travel and hospitality expenses of the chairman, the CEO, and the commissioner of the Canadian Dairy Commission are posted quarterly.

Travel Expenses

The Financial Administration Act requires that Crown corporations post their quarterly financial statements on their Web site. These financial statements are not audited.

Quarterly Financial Statements

On February 25, 2004, the government announced the mandatory publication of information concerning the reclassification of occupied positions in the Public Service of Canada. Positions at the Canadian Dairy Commission which have been reclassified can be viewed on the following page.


On February 10, 2004, in response to concerns raised by the Auditor General, the government took action to strengthen audit committees for Crown Corporations that fall under Part 10 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA), those for which the government has the legislative mandate to dictate immediate regulatory changes to ensure greater transparency and oversight of financial management. The results of special examinations of the CDC conducted by the office of the Auditor General are available here.

Special Examinations of the CDC

As a result of a specific recommendation of the Auditor General's office, the CDC also discloses corporate plan summaries.

Corporate Plan Summary

Subsection 9(3) of the Canadian Dairy Commission Act provides that the Canadian Dairy Commission may make the rules it deems necessary "for the fixing of a quorum for any of its meetings and generally for the conduct of its activities under this Act". As a result of a recommendation of the Auditor General's office, the CDC updates and posts its Rules of Governance.

Rules of Governance (Updated February 2017)