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This Act established a Crown corporation called the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC). The mandate of the CDC is to provide efficient producers of milk and cream with the opportunity of obtaining a fair return for their labour and investment and to provide consumers with a continuous and adequate supply of dairy products of high quality. The Commission's executive consists of three members appointed by the Governor in Council. Its offices are located in Ottawa.

The CDC is can purchase, sell, and dispose of dairy products, make payments for the benefit of milk and cream producers; conduct investigations relating to the production, processing or marketing of dairy products and promote their use. The Act was amended in July 1995 to allow the CDC to administer certain milk classes, in co-ordination with provincial authorities. The CDC also administers the pooling of markets and revenues on behalf of dairy producers.

In addition, the Act provides for payment of certain CDC expenditures from appropriations. The CDC may request loans from the Minister of Finance out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF), set up special accounts within the CRF, and establish a line of credit with a banking institution to ensure continuity of payments under the pooling of returns. Lastly, the Act gives the Governor in Council authority to make regulations for the marketing of dairy products.

Full text of the CDC Act
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EEC Aged Cheddar Cheese Export Quota Regulations
Dairy Products Marketing Regulations*


The definition "WTO Agreement" in section 2 of the Dairy Products Marketing Regulations is repealed.
Section 2.1 of the Regulations is repealed.
Subsection 3(3) of the Regulations is repealed.
Subsection 7(4) of the Regulations is repealed.
Section 7.1 of the Regulations and the heading before it are repealed.
Section 10.1 of the Regulations is repealed.
The schedule to the Regulations is repealed.

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