Canadian Dairy Commission
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CDC: A 40-Year Retrospective

In 2006, the Canadian Dairy Commission marked its 40th anniversary. Those first 40 years spanned an era of unparallelled technological, organizational and even cultural change in Canadian dairying and milk-related industries. Since its founding in 1966, the Canadian Dairy Commission has been witness, participant and sometimes driving force in the modernization of the mil industry in Canada.

Realizing tha many of its founders were passing away, the CDC commissioned this history by agricultural writer Erin Scullion in 2003.

The history of the Canadian Dairy Commission reflects changes and crises in contemporary Canadian political history, and of course, throws in a few moments of its own high drama! Decade by decade, this book chronicles sweeping changes in the production and uses of milk, from the CDC's founding in the 1960s, through the building of supply management in the 1970s, negotiating the National Milk Marketing Plan during the 1980s, facing the changes brought to world agricultural markets by NAFTA and GATT in the 1990s, to the loss of the WTO appeal process and emerging marketing challenges in the first decade of the new millennium.

The Canadian dairy industry has been fortunate in the calibre of its leaders and members, drawn from farm, factory, public services and political platforms, who have led it through more than one time of crisis to become a world leader in dairy products. This is their story.