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Annual Update to the Forward Regulatory Plan

Canadian Dairy Commission

Title or working title of the regulatory initiative Exported Dairy Products Assistance Payments Order (Repeal)
Enabling act APPROPRIATION ACT NO. 3, 1978-79
Description This delegation Order under the Appropriation Act No.3, 1978-79 authorizes the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) to offer assistance payments to exporters of dairy products and prescribes the terms and conditions of such payments. This Order is obsolete. Assistance payments to exporters of dairy products ceased in 1995 when this practice was deemed an export subsidy under the rules of the World Trade Organization. Since then, the CDC has not made any assistance payments to exporters of dairy products.
Canadian Dairy Commission contact information Danie Cousineau
Corporate Secretary
The date the regulatory initiative was first included in the Forward Regulatory Plan October 1, 2013

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