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This "Help" page is intended to provide you with some helpful hints in order to make your visit to the Canadian Dairy Commission's (CDC) Web site more productive.


Navigating or browsing our site is relatively easy because of the top navigation bar and the convenient navigation menu on the left side of all the pages.

You can click on any one of the buttons in the navigation bar to go to the page that it represents. You can also click on any of the titles in the left sliding menu and go directly to the topic that you have chosen. If you click on the black button entitled "" located in the top navigation bar, you will leave the CDC's Web site and go to the home page of the Government of Canada site. If you click on the blue button called "Home" from other pages in the Web site you will return to the home page of the CDC's Web site.

Search Engine

Click on the Search button at the top of each page or use the QuickSearch field on the home page to perform a simple search on the contents of the CDC's Web site.

Printing Documents and Plug-ins

There are a number of documents on our Web site that are saved as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents so that you can download and view them with all their formatting and graphics intact. All you need to view these documents is the FREE Acrobat Reader. To print other documents from our Web site, simply click on the "Print" option of your navigator.

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